Packing and Moving Tips

Packing & Moving Tips

Packing Tips:
  • Ensure all items are packed in boxes since they take up less space and hence ensure optimum use of storage space.
  • Remember to not to make boxes too heavy. Books can be real offenders at times and must be distributed evenly in all boxes.
  • Fragile items like crockery, glassware, jars, art pieces and statues must be packed with plenty of wrapping (newspapers, blankets, towels, bubble wrap) and must be marked FRAGILE.
  • CDs and records must be packed vertically instead of flat.
  • Take apart large items like bed frames, dressers, dining table, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Pack all screws, bolts and accessories in a separate plastic bag and tape it to the item they belong to
  • Cover up all mirrors in bubble wrap, cardboard or blankets.
  • Roll carpets and rugs and tape them up.
  • Pack separately all personal documents, jewellery and other valuable items and transport them yourself.
  • Create a master list of all items you are moving so you can double check them all at the time of loading and unloading.
  • If you have enough time, create a list of all items in the boxes packed. It may prove handy when sorting out things at destination.

Useful Moving Tips: We do all the tough job for you on the day of the move. However few preparations may get the job done smoother and be less time consuming for everyone. We have enlisted a few reference tips when you book a Cheap Removal.


Always create a checklist of items you want to move prior to the date of moving. This will help you keep things organized when relocating house.


Packing stuff in Moving Boxes ensures best use of space in the moving trucks thus leaving a lots of room for lots of other items to be loaded in the same trip. The task of Obtaining Free Moving Boxes gets easy going to nearest Bunnings Warehouse. Else you can buy Moving Boxes from nearest Self Storages and Online Shops. Fragile things like Mirror or Glass must be bubble wrapped prior to moving. Other stuff can also be packed into Black Garbage Bags.


Storage must be arranged before our Mover comes to you. It may get very time consuming if previous arrangements have not been made.


Many apartment buildings in Melbourne CBD or surrounding areas do not have sufficient parking facilities for the moving to be convenient for you and us. This may result in extra time be taken while loading and unloading the goods. Please note that all parking charges or parking infringements will be the responsibility of the client and not the mover.


We prefer all the payments to be made in Cash at the end of the move. So keep enough cash on hand on the day of moving or withdraw some from an ATM on the way to the drop-off point. Extra time taken to get cash after completing the drop will also be charged.


Items that you want to move on your own to save time and money must be kept aside from what our mover is supposed to move. Arrange care for your pets or children if any for the day of moving. Always check all items have been unloaded and nothing is missing or forgotten in the moving vehicle.